Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Mikeworths are Going to China

See the picture above?  Most would look at this picture and see four young people/children in a rural American setting post harvest.  Nothing special, nothing that stands out other than their charm, good looks, and the seeming abundance of pink in the joyful announcement centered in the photograph.  The sign is obviously focal as we excitedly share with the world the amazing news that we are embarking on the journey of a lifetime - we are bringing our daughter home from China!

What most fail to see or even know is that this picture is filled with impossibilities.  Impossibilities made possible.  God is present all over this photo.  In fact this photo screams of his miraculous intervention over the course of decades.  Protection is present.  Restitution is present.  Life snatched from death is present.  Rescue from abuse and trauma is present.  Deliverance is present.  Unexplainable healing is present.  Special needs overcome is present.  Love from neglect is present.  Family is present.

And now, a small girl from China has made her way into our hearts.  By no means did we ever dream of venturing to this nation.  We joke - "Want to know where God will send you - tell Him where you're not willing to go!".  Years ago when our hearts were earnestly seeking his will for adoption we were certain international adoption was our calling...in Africa.  We wanted nothing to do with domestic adoption, the "mess" of foster care, or DCFS. 

Hello Austin.

Fine, but we'll only adopt, not foster.

...and God laughed.  And then he held our hearts as we wrapped our arms around small wounded souls.

Alright, but at least we'll never venture towards Asia - it's so, well- it's so foreign.

And then we met her- our daughter to be.  She is precious and has been written of before (Behind the Eyes).  Her name literally means "little jade".  She has difficulties.  Some might label them impossibilities.  That word means very little to the God who made the photo above possible.  Consequently it means very little to us.  We both knew in the depth of our hearts that this is where next steps are leading...

And so, with our Father smiling down on us, blessing us, and speaking peace to the waves of fears that are already rhythmically washing upon the shores of our home - we now find ourselves wading into the currents of adoption again.  Paperwork breeds paperwork and emails are now almost daily exchanging between agencies and ourselves.  Forms and fees are becoming as breathing as both domestic and foreign government offices must be satiated.  Sleep is strained as we now begin to dream of foreign lands, notarizations, and fund raising.  And ever present - joyful expectancy.

New friendships are already being forged as God is moving people and mountains to bring our daughter to us.  Never underestimate the love of this Father.  He will move the earth to bring a single child into family.  He gave his only child to bring each of us into his family.  Regardless of the effort my bride and I are putting forth in this, it is He who is orchestrating and making possible the impossible.  He relishes the impossible.

And because of this, we will soon have our "little jade".

...stay tuned.

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